Klondike Derby

Hey Scouts!
Looks like the Klondike Derby will be earlier than expected this year, on the 11th through the 13th. We’ll meet on the 8th to prepare, and the cost should be about $25. Be there on Tuesday to help plan your patrol’s meals.
Till then, Happy New Year!
–The Webmaster

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Peak Experiences & Court of Honor

Hey Scouts!
This Saturday at 7:30 pm marks the beginning of our next campout(or should I say camp in?) at Peak Experiences! It will be a one-night lock-in, and you lucky guys are getting pizza for dinner! Climbing at Peak Experiences is always a fun time and your webmaster hopes you scouts enjoy it as much as I did. If parents haven’t already given the scoutmaster the waiver needed for the event, he sent it in an email blast 2 weeks ago, so make sure you finish that. Have Fun!
We will also be having our last Court of Honor and meeting for the year this Wednesday the 19th! Make sure you bring a side dish if you can. For those of you taking the Personal Management or Family Life merit badges, this is a reminder to make sure your pamphlets are ready to turn in to your instructor the night of the Court of Honor. And on that note, I leave to go take care of that myself. Bye Scouts!

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Eagle Point cleanup and Merit Badge classes

Hi Scouts!
Judging from the pictures from last weekends Eagle Point campout, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun in that old red clay! I’ll be seeing about whether or not those will be making their way to this site. In the meantime, I’m sure there’s lots of cleanup to do in the aftermath of the trip so be sure to be ready to work tomorrow night!
If you’re taking the Personal Management or Family Life merit badges, you need to be at the scout hut by 6:15 tomorrow. Make sure your homework is up to date! If you’re taking American Cultures, be there at 6:30.

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JLT this weekend

Hey Scouts!

This weekend we’ll be having a mandatory campout at the scout hut for Junior Leader Training. If you haven’t already, make sure your bag is packed for 2 nights and you have a tent to sleep in. Be sure to arrive between 6 and 6:30 pm on Friday and have a ride ready to pick you up by 11 am Sunday. ALL STAFF need to be at the scout hut by 5 pm to get things set up for the JLT patrols.

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Summer Camp, PLC, and NOAC

Hello Scouts!

We had a great week at summer camp! Mrs. Taylor and our Scoutmaster posted plenty of pictures to our Facebook Page, which  will soon be joining this site’s gallery.

There will be no meeting this Tuesday, but there will be a Patrol Leader’s Conference at 5:30 PM. Also, for those of you going to NOAC, be at the scout hut at 7:00 on Tuesday to help with making our banner.

Be sure to put plenty of lotion on your sunburn and see you all later!

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Merit Badge Weekend

Hey Scouts! This weekend is merit badge weekend! Be at the Scout Hut at 6 P.M. this Friday and bring all your camping gear and $20 for the fee. Be sure to eat before you go and don’t forget those prereqs!

Also, for you adults out there, we need drivers and a trailer puller. Any volunteers?

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Courts of Honor, Carwashes and Hiking, oh my!

Hey scouts!

First of all, congratulations to our newest Eagle Scout, Jonathan! Oh, he’s a jolly good fellow… Seriously though. Jon’s been in the troop longer than I have, and that’s a really long time! Thanks Jon for all your commitment and contributions to Troop 900.

Here’s some goings-on in the troop’s near future:

On the 31, this Saturday, we’ll be having a car wash at the Pep Boys on Crater Road from 1-5 PM. Tell your friends! With the enormous cloud of pollen that’s been recently plaguing the central Virginia area, I’m sure everyone is eager to get that yucky plant stuff off their windshields and leave pollen collection to the bees.

For any of you who showed up for a meeting tonight and for some reason couldn’t find anyone there, it’s because there wasn’t a meeting tonight! We have a Court of Honor tomorrow in the social hall. Wear your Class A best, and don’t forget your sash! Oh, and Friends of Scouting will be there too.

A Spring Break hiking trip is on the horizon, planned to take place between the Thursday and  Saturday of break. It will be in the bee-yootiful Shenandoah National Park. Let the Scoutmaster know if you want to come, or else the trip could be canceled!

For scouts 13 and older, a Wilderness First Aid class is being offered at Albright’s on 4/27-4/29. It will cost $60. Again, let the scoutmaster know if you’re interested.

Merit badge weekend is  in less than 2 months, and it’s a great way for new scouts to get up to 8 shiny merit badges for their moms to put on their sash. KIDDING! All Boy Scouts do their own sewing, am I right?

That about sums it up. There’s a new calendar out, so the next post will be an update of that. Be sure to check it out!



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Religious Awards!

The proud recipients. Hi Mom!

 Two of our very own scouts received the Ad Alteri Dei Catholic Religious emblems this past Sunday. These two worked very long and hard for this award. Congratulations scouts!

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Webmaster is back!

Greetings All,

Apologies, your webmaster spent the last 2 months or so building robots and I didn’t have time for much else besides homework. However, now I’m  back and ready to keep you all up-to-date on the goings-on in the troop!  Here is the long, long list of upcoming events:

Nick Beaudet just had his Eagle Court of Honor today. Congratulations Nick!

This Tuesday, the 13, will be the day we hold troop elections. All leadership candidates should have talked with the Scoutmaster.

The 15th is the deadline for down payment for summer camp. This is your last chance to save $30 on summer camp!

WEBMASTER’S NOTE: There is also a really really awesome FIRST robotics competition at the VCU Siegel Center this Thursday through Saturday. The robots will be playing basketball! Yours truly will be there, until he has to leave for OA stuff.

On that note, OA Ordeal is this coming weekend at Brady Saunders.

The next camping trip will be the weekend of the 24th at Albrights. The focus will be on survival skills, so any scouts who need knots, lashings, or orienteering requirements checked off should be sure to attend.

Jonathan Brown will also be having his Eagle Court of Honor on the 24th.

The next court of honor will be on the 28 of March. Friends of Scouting will be there!

A hiking trip is being planned for Spring Break. Not much on that yet.

That about wraps it up.. Thanks for not tl;dr’ing on this very long return post. (That’s Internet Abbreviation for too long; didn’t read) I’ll be keeping the site current into the future, so check back every week or so for the updates.

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I couldn’t attach the calendar to the site so here’s a google doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aj2OH1MF–95dHBwUE1MNllEWFF6dkZobFhqN0Y3MGc

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